Chauncey Maynor


Out from the shadows of San Diego’s amazing, yet difficult to navigate music scene comes a voice unlike any other.  Someone who’s unbridled passion shines through the obscurity like a flashlight with brand new batteries; blindingly bright and eye-opening.  That someone is Chauncey Maynor; a talented R&B artist who is hitting the ground running and paving his way through the scene, no holds barred.   

Maynor, 31, is a singer/songwriter from a small New Jersey township called Montclair, but has been residing in San Diego for twelve years. Growing up in a healthy and positive environment, thanks to his grandparents who raised him, he was afforded the opportunity to pursue his musical aspirations in his teens through church choir and various talent shows.  Maynor’s move to California was originally his grandparents’ idea so that he could be closer to his mother, who had been here for a number of years already, yet he never lost his passion for the music. 

When asked what is it like to be a local artist Maynor stated, “It’s a grind.  If you don’t have originality then you’re in the back, in the darkness.  I feel [that] being an independent artist, you definitely [have] to have originality, drive, and the grind to put in hard work.”  Although it was a long time in the making, in 2012 Maynor released his first studio album entitled Juke Box, a name that he decided on because he says that the idea behind it is like a jukebox with how there’s a variety of music selections available.  “It goes from hip-hop to R&B to acoustic; it’s just well-rounded,” Maynor says. 

However, sticking to R&B’s soulful roots Maynor’s upcoming album The Love Card Experience, which already has a single out  on Band Camp entitled “Friends with Benefits,” is more focused on just that; love.  And keeping with that theme the album was released this Valentine’s Day also on Band Camp.

Listening to Maynor’s music, one will notice that he definitely puts his all into his lyrics.  He states that he is inspired by everyday situations that he encounters and that his goal is “to reach whoever feels it.  If my music touches somebody or makes them feel a certain way or they can relate to a certain record, then that will make me feel that I’ve done my job.” 

This can possibly be attributed to the fact that he has been heavily influenced throughout his life by Michael Jackson’s Thriller album as well as Stevie Wonder’s life and his entire work of music.  “He has so many barriers to fight [and] he’s so musically inclined; it’s amazing to me.  [He] is one of my favorites,” Maynor said of Wonder.  Once someone has gotten a chance to hear Maynor sing, it’ll be clear that he makes an effort to mix a little bit of old with a little bit of new all the while creating a unique sound for R&B and bringing a little twist to what San Diego already has to offer.

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Wilnisha “TRU7H” Sutton

Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in their lives, but not many can turn those hardships into something magical and speak life to others the way that R&B singer/poet Wilnisha “TRU7H” Sutton does.  Sutton has a clear passion for music and the gift of catching people’s attention. “It’s my purpose,” she says. 

Sutton, 26, was born in Los Angeles, but raised in San Diego.  At the tender age of five, Sutton’s mother gave up her parental rights due to her own battle with a crack-cocaine addiction.  Sutton then spend the next six years living with various family members until her mother was clean enough to take her back, but by that time “I had built up a wall against her; and by 13, I was really wild because I didn’t have a female role model.”   While going back and forth between LA and San Diego, she got caught up in the wrong crowd.  By 18, she had turned to a life of prostitution, and other reckless behaviors.  It wasn’t until she had gotten pregnant for a second time — the first child was aborted — by her pimp that she decided that she needed to change her life around.  However, although Sutton gave birth to her son at age 20, the street life still had a heavy hold on her so she didn’t truly stop all of her dangerous activities until she was 24.  

Finally straightening her life up and getting her GED in 2010, Sutton started attending San Diego City College to obtain a degree in Liberal Arts.  Music has always been a part of her, though, as she has been singing since the age of four.  However, she didn’t get serious about it until three years ago when she hooked up with local recording company, SOFO REAL Records, who helped her hone in on her gift.  Since then, Sutton has been using her life story to do motivational speaking for young girls, and to convey a message through her music to not be a follower.  “I went down a path of following others and it lead to destruction, but now I have peace and I want others to feel that peace.  Whatever I learn, I put it in [my] music so young girls can learn [too].” 

Sutton’s music and poems bring a raw realness that few others can achieve.  She cites her influences as Jill Scott, Mary Mary, Chrisette Michelle, and rapper Kendrick Lamar because “you can tell that they’re true to their music,” she says.  And being true to the music is how Sutton came up with her stage name “TRU7H.”  But the number seven is a different story.  “From a biblical standpoint, seven means perfection.  I’m not perfect alone, but through God I’m perfect.”  It is her faith God and strong belief in prayer that has gotten her through the toughest times of her life, and what is helping her achieve her goals of finishing school, being a better mother, and finishing her first musical project. 

TRUTHw.a.s, Sutton’s upcoming album is set to be released on Feb. 23, 2014, which is also her birthday.  It’s a culmination of heartache, love, faith, and inspiration for others to not give up on themselves and to follow their dreams.  “Follow your dreams; [they] can come true with perseverance and prayer.”

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Brandon Primus

“No one can be better than you at being you.”

Words of the cool, calm, and collected saxophonist Brandon Primus, who has no problem being himself and doing what he wants.

Primus, 29, has had music in his life for as long as he can remember.  He started playing piano at the age of seven, and saxophone in the sixth grade.  Since then he has been carving an amazing path on his musical journey.

In 2006, Primus was afforded the opportunity to appear on the well-known TV show “Showtime at the Apollo” in Harlem, New York where he gained the hearts of the audience and won the show, falling in line with many musical legends before him.  He has also graced stages alongside acclaimed artists such as Jody Watley and Jeffery Osborne.

Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Primus has been in San Diego off and on for three years.  Prior to arriving here, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and was an account executive in New York.  However, he felt that he wanted to help people through other means, which turned out to be politics. 

Primus came to San Diego to attend the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and since graduating in 2012, he has been working as a congressional aide for Congresswoman Susan Davis. He is also the congressional liaison for African-American affairs for the 53rd congressional district. 

The dichotomy of music and politics has been a challenge in Primus’ life.  Many people have told him that he should focus on one or the other, but he resolves that he doesn’t see any reason why he should have to choose.  He feels he can make people feel good and help them in both regards. 

“I think his music is great, unique, and has an original sound.  He attacks everything [music and politics] with the same amount of passion,” says friend and stylist, Darryl Simon. 

Primus describes his music as “soul music that connects to people’s spirits,” and says that “There’s no one like me.  I don’t compare myself to other artists.  I just want to get with them to make good music.”

 He is, however, inspired by many musicians but mainly the late, great Miles Davis.  He says, “Miles is not solely jazz, he’s innovative.”  Primus is also influenced by “just being present in every situation, being completely engaged.  When you’re present, the world inspires you.” 

His main goal in life is to live life to the fullest and enjoy the now, but he’s also setting out to go on a mini-tour of the southwest this summer.  Check his website for future tour dates. 

Primus has just released his first project entitled “Introduction of B. Primus” which is also available for purchase on his website.  Playing true to his musical background and talents, he plays all the instruments on the album.  He also did all the vocal arrangements and production.  His artistic brilliance shines through on each track. 

In the end, Primus tells readers to “Live, love, learn, and be present.”   

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